Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good News!

Winter has arrived and with it the cold and flu season. We are giving alot more food out this winter than last thanks to an increased contribution from a donor. I enjoy the winter much more than the summer, but that is because there are no leaks in my roof. Many many people here have water coming into their shack, it is close to impossible to stay warm when you are wet. I am hoping that some of the teams that come out to help this winter can water proof shacks for us.

If you have not heard, I have purchased a car!!! And it has truly changed my life in many positive ways. I am able to help in many difficult circumstances and seem to be using it daily to help individuals and families in the community. It, of course, helps me as well. Because I live in the same community I work in, getting a real break is very difficult. Having the car lets me participate in church stuff, dinner with friends and has generally made life much easier than it has been. Having the freedom to go to the beach on Saturday or the doctor any time I need to. There are thousands of ways that it has and will help me and others. I am excited that people feel free to request things from me when they need them, this shows that they are comfortable with me and I am really grateful to have the means to help them in this way.

The work here is still eternal, in more ways than one : ). We are going to open a safe house for teen girls the first week of July. This is very very exciting. As you know I have experience working with teen girls in difficult circumstances and have wanted to see this happen in Kayamandi for more than a year. The home that opens in July can accommodate six girls. It will be the first of six homes to be built here to give shelter to children and youth that have no other alternative. We have been working closely with Child Welfare and liaised with other more experienced organizations to ensure that the set-up of the homes is done well and according to government regulations. With the help of child welfare and our own program managers we have found four girls for the house as well as safe temporary placement for them until we are ready to move them in. We have also secured a special caregiver for the girls. I have had the opportunity to work closely with three of the four girls and hope to continue to build a relationship of trust with all the girls who we have in the home.

In addition to other projects, I am currently writing up the policy and procedures for the safe house as well as behavior agreements/contracts for the girls and job description for the caregiver. Things are always busy and there is never enough time, but I continue to enjoy what I do, rain or shine and am grateful to be a part of the lives of these people and to have them a part of mine.


Stan said...

Dear Heather...I am thinking of you so strongly this morning as I go to present to MCRD. What a thrill to know you are serving the Lord so strongly...I love your postings and have copied them to the printer to give to Grandma Ruth.
I LOVE you and CHERISH you....DAD

Perry said...

Hi Heather,

Pat and I have been praying for you, even though it's a mad house here with 8 people in the house (we had more privacy in Mozambique!). 8 people, 2 African turtles, 3 dogs and a pot bellied pig; I think I should have built an Ark rather than bought a house.

Our company is a little behind schedule regarding the water filter mold development. Please pray for faster progress for us. The eairler we get it to the nations the more kids we will save.

Be blessed,